Your Quality of life is dependent on your physical health.

Our Subscriber Program is managed by a board-certified and licensed occupational therapist.


Our subscriber program is beneficial for individuals:

-Experiencing chronic pain or discomfort on a daily or weekly basis after participating in work, play or home activities.

-Seeking other treatment options for their painful symptoms.

-Seeking cost-effective and holistic alternative to healing their body from chronic conditions

-Individuals struggling with weight management and seeking a healthier approach

-Individuals seeking options other than pharmaceuticals to heal or manage their condition


Services Include:

Customized plans with board certified occupational therapist

Physical rehabilitation

Therapeutic massages

Weight management programs

Nutrient intake improvement programs

Access to modalities: Aromatherapy, diathermy, ultrasound, etc.

Physical fitness programs

Health education classes

Access to social events & gatherings


For a consult, please complete the following:

WholePerson Comprehensive Intake Form:  WP Intake

Complete your nutrition physical:  Nutri-Physical

Complete your weight management profile:  Weight Management

Schedule an appointment:    Appointment