At WholePerson Therapeutics, we believe in providing dignity and comfort to people through whatever means possible. Our female- and veteran-owned company proudly offers a number of disability service options for both home and community living, including:

  • Home Modification
    We work with clients on home modifications using technology, adjustments, and additions to the home environment to enhance safety and security.
  • Fall Prevention
    Every year, millions of adults are injured due to slips, trips, and falls within the home. We take steps to reduce the likelihood of falls through home modification and interventions that improve physical abilities.
  • Mobilization In Community
    Community mobility is all about independence — having the means to get up and go somewhere if you so desire. We provide a wealth of mobility aid options including driving evaluations, integrating networks of community resources, and enhancing transportation options for people of all ages.
  • Low Vision
    Vision impairment is one of the top ten disabilities for adults. We first help our clients to determine how vision impairment has limited their ability to complete regular tasks, then provide personalized recommendations and modifications.
  • Health Promotion
    Regardless of age, there are always steps that can be taken to enhance our health and wellness and quality of life. Our team offers personalized health programs and assistance in everything from exercise programs to diet and more.

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