Don’t let our name fool you. At WholePerson Therapeutics, we don’t just focus on occupational therapy and chronic disease management. We also provide health and wellness services to help you enrich and enhance the quality of your life. Our services include:

  • Sleep Therapy
    The foundation of engagement in daily life and optimal professional performance is a good night’s sleep. Our approach to sleep therapy has helped many discover consistently proper rest.
  • Health Promotion
    The role health promotion plays in occupational therapy is simple but essential. It’s the promotion of habits and routines that promote positive and healthy behaviors — improving overall health and wellness. These are specific to the needs of clients, and they can encompass everything from locating accessible exercise programs to developing health-promoting play for children.
  • Bariatric Care
    This medical branch focuses on the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. Approximately one-third of American adults are classified as obese, prompting us to assist individuals in making lifestyle changes, managing their weight, and engaging in meaningful and healthy activities.
  • Chronic Pain Management
    Along with near-constant discomfort, people with chronic pain can be confronted with frustration, difficulty obtaining proper medication, and diminished quality of life due to inability to perform daily activities. We help eliminate chronic pain by treating the source rather than the symptom.
  • Spiritual Health and Science
    There is very real scientific evidence showing that people who regularly participate in religious or spiritual services are healthier and have superior healing capabilities. Our holistic approach to personal care integrates spiritual health with emotional, mental and physical care.
  • Essential Oil Therapy 
    Take a deep breath. Essential oils were used to combat many ailments during biblical times. Today lesser grade of essential oils continues to be used to fragrance perfumes, beauty regiments, provide softness and beautiful smell to detergents and create a tranquil environment. At WholePerson our therapy grade essential oils are used to complement modern treatments for pain, muscle discomfort, relaxation, Health and well-being. On your visit ask for an essential oil consult.

What are the best steps for you to take to enhance your health and wellness? Contact us online or by phone today for more information or to schedule a consultation.