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WholePerson Therapeutics LLC and its team has either met, worked with or received services from these small businesses.  Based on these companies interactions with us, we have elected to list them as a resource on our site.

Companies selected and/or listed in our resource section demonstrated  ethical behaviors, strong character and appropriate customer service in their industry.  Other companies listed provided information that may be beneficial to members in our network both in and outside the health care industry.

Articles, Research & Studies

Employer cost of workplace absenteeism

Impact of employee health on business success.

2019 Employer Cost: Employee Compensation

Well Trim Study

The Problem With Supplements

Physical Injury Statistics

Workplace Productivity Cost

Employer Report Days Away From Work

Department of Labor Wellness Study-Rand

Health & Wellness Tolerance: Risk Assessment

Effects of Workplace Wellness Program on Employee Health & Economic Outcomes

Messaging, Monetary Incentives, and Participation in Wellness Programs

Managing Manifest Diseases, But Not Health Risks, Saved PepsiCo Money Over Seven Years

Do Workplace Wellness Programs Save Employer Money?

Blog Articles

Bankers Life: Ken Freeman

Bishop Wicke: Tina Mills

Fairfield County Medical Association:

Joanne Simpson

Lightning PC: Mark Mosher

NFP Insurance: Allen Perille

Prudential: Ryan Orvis

RIY Business Group: Kevin O’Driscoll

The Schegg Group: Joseph Kulas

Tina Marie Photography: Tina Marie

Welcome Relaxation: Leticia Solis

ComForCare: Neil Anand


Supplements and Cancer: A Survivor Story

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Isotonix vs. Tablet

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutrition Management Program

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Weight Management

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Nutrient Approval Form

Opt-in/Opt-Out Insurance Form

Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey -2018

Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey – 2019

Organizational-Level Determinants of Participation in Workplace Health Promotion Programs: A Cross-Company Study

Wellness Programs Continue to Face Compliance Challenges

Workplace Wellness Programs – Key Legal Considerations

Workplace Wellness Programs Study

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