Your Quality of life is dependent on your physical health.

Our Functional Care Program (FCP) is managed by a board-certified and licensed occupational therapist.

FCP Business Benefits:

Provide a health care option for participants, businesses or individuals with no insurance, high insurance premiums and/or high deductibles.

Provide participants a return on their health care investment.

Provide a benefit plan that may allows for business tax credit (see your CPA to see if you qualify).

Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with employee illness, injury or disease.

FCP Participant Benefits: 

Nutrient Intake – Balances the body for optimal functioning.

Physical Rehabilitation – Improves joint and muscle movement.

Physical Fitness – Clinical program to improve strength and endurance for gym readiness.

Weight Management – Lifestyle program to achieve weight loss.

Massage – Therapeutic techniques to reduce stress, detoxify the body and improve muscle comfort.

Chronic Condition Management – Treats physical discomfort attributed to diseases such as arthritis, fatigue, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel, degenerative discs, and more…

Pain Management – Manages physical pain caused by overuse, medical conditions, muscle and nerve conditions.

Stress – Training on techniques to manage stress and improve focus and productivity

Neuro re-ed – Training to improve balance, posture and walking.

Work Readiness  – Rehabilitation to return to work. 

Industries Served:

Health Care


General Contractors




Beauty Salon & Barber




Office workers

And More…

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