WholePerson Therapeutics LLC was formed to provide “functionally necessary” physical health therapy services to adults who experience physical health challenges.  Our physical health and therapy services address pain, discomfort, mental stress, weight management, nutrient intake and more…  To cover your care, many insurance companies require your condition to meet their strict “medical necessity” guideline before your physical health services are covered.  As physical health slowly declines, symptoms of pain and discomfort impact your function, resulting need for services that we define as  “functionally necessary.”  While we do accept most insurances, we also offer cost effective in-house programs to assist with covering the cost of our physical health services.

Barbara Belicia, OTR/L

Owner & CEO of WholePerson Therapeutics LLC

Graduate Alumni of Quinnipiac University

Board Certified And State Licensed Occupational Therapist Specializing in Physical Health .

U.S. Army Veteran, Served During Gulf War, OIF/OEF

Focus: Improve Physical Health & Wellness For Everyone

Catherine Longo, Health Professional Consultant

Graduated from Fairfield University

Master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

2019 NutraMetrix Chairman’s Challenge Award Recipient

Works with Healthcare Practitioners Focused on Health & Wellness

Focused on Assisting Healthcare Professionals Improve Patient Outcomes with Wellness Solutions